Shoot with young professional for his website. Tell me what you think?

One of the best things about being a photographer in these digital times is the interconnectivity. I have access to community colleges, meetup groups, web blogs, web seminars and facebook friends. We teach and share and critique and help in model portfolio bldg. The model shoots help build an eye which carries over to portrait and wedding work. Workshops with a digital camera is instant learning and almost instant sharing. I love these interesting times. A big thank you to Paul Estabrook who runs the photography dept at Sacramento City College. Another person of note is Mark Behrens of Northern California Portrait Photography Group on and Tim Engle of Click Monkeys on These sources are tireless in their efforts to share with the photographic community.


Okay, I’m so last generation. I find myself struggling to find out how to use this blog. I so want to be out in the world’s eye but also hide in my private space. So, I will start posting more images and break out with some biographical material too.

Photography for me has always been a personal pursuit but as I have gotten older and sorry to say more frail with illness it has become my therapy too. It gives me something to strive for when my health allows and leaves a record that I was here. All the while hopefully bringing pleasure to those I shoot for and anyone else who may like my images. So for those of you who dare to stay past midnight beware. The reaper comes and the fairy tales are true. 

Tis the season for love. Let the arrows fly.